Create winning products and launch within a year

Developing a new, profitable product is a real challenge, often fraught with frustration.

Of the 30,000 new products launched each year, 28,500 fail...within a year!

Of course, you can hire extra staff and rely on them. Unfortunately, this costs a lot of money AND a lot of time, with no guarantee of even a single result.

You can also opt to not do any product development, but then the competition will certainly catch up and move ahead.

At IGG, we do things differently. We help our clients achieve success by developing a single winning product, together. Fast, transparent, and cost-effective.


In a single day, we choose the best idea for a new product and shape the project. What is the goal? What are the costs and benefits? What are the risks? Who will carry it out, and how?The project scan provides clarity about the idea, the costs and benefits for customer and company, the risks and the implementation. And all in a single day!


With the project scan in hand, we challenge ourselves to come up with viable product concepts within 30 days. This uses a customer centric approach and smart development techniques to quickly validate what the customer needs, and how the new product can meet that. We then create many concepts and quantify the top three. Those are then market tested for response. This unique approached using lean techniques ensures a viable, proven product concept within 30 days.


With the viable proven product concept in hand, we focus on rapidly developing and marketing this concept. This is achieved through a combination of on-the-job training and coaching together with our unique FTL development method. This way, you learn how to develop new products quickly and efficiently by doing it. This combination of coaching with the FTL method leads to rapid market introduction of a winning product!



An hour-long mini course showing how we come up with concept solutions using the FTL method. This is step three of the five steps in the FTL method. Coming up with products has become a lot easier with A.I. like ChatGPT, and this mini masterclass shows how to do it in practice.

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They Say

Decio Silva

Director of Chemistry Development

" His extensive experience running and delivering innovation projects was singular. He has a  way to facilitate meetings which is rare to find and truly unlocks the potential of the participants."

Xiaobao Lee

Principal Scientist

" He is incredibly knowledgeable and was very helpful during the training and following the course of the project initiation. He also made the training very interesting, engaging and interactive!"