About Me.

I am Robert Uhlhorn, an experienced and engaged innovator. I have been living new product development in large corporations for over 25 years.  Inspired by continuous improvement I studied and trialled various ways of doing new product development. I learned what works and what does not work, and  I now know what to do and what to avoid doing. Valuable lessons I am happy to share and discuss.  

I am a positive and optimistic person who loves to tackle challenges. I believe that human ingenuity can solve even the most difficult problems. Being Dutch, I can be direct but I will always listen to and consider  your story and viewpoint. You will find me easy to talk to with a distinctive laugh.  If you are looking for a creative person with positive vibes, I am your guy!

Innovation is not new technology

A new product starts with the customer and with your company. Good new products serve both. That is where we will start as well. Technology will come much later. And remember: some of the best innovations do not use any new technology.

Inventing is not for the select few

Everyone has ideas. What to eat for lunch. What to wear. At the same time, even the most creative person will struggle when presented with a blank sheet of paper. To create something new, you have to ask the right question. Questions which we will define and answer. 

The first idea is never the best

In fact, it is the opposite. Our first idea is probably the worst. You should be prepared to test early and test a lot. Together we will fail fast, learn quick, and zoom in on the best idea possible. 

Some facts about me

I have a university background with a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering

I worked for companies like Unilever, Sealed Air and Diversey in various countries

I spent most of my professional career in Research&Development, developing new products.

I love to travel: I travelled extensively both for business and pleasure. This gave me unique insights of how different parts of the world will have different perspectives.

I will always try to understand your perspective first.

I love my family and treasure the quality time we have together.