Challenge: create a viable product concept within 30 days

With the project scan in hand, we challenge ourselves to come up with viable product concepts within 30 days. This uses a customer centric approach and smart development techniques to quickly validate what the customer needs, and how the new product can meet that. We then create many concepts and quantify the top three. Those are then market tested for response. This unique approached using lean techniques ensures a viable, proven product concept within 30 days.!

# Problem validation the 'lean' way

Now it is time to test our idea against the market. With the project scan in hand, we go to customers to investigate in practice whether our problem statement is correct. Now, customer research can be very time-consuming and costly. To avoid that, we choose only 'lean' validation techniques, such as an in-depth interview with a number of customers. This way, we keep it fast and cheap with still clear results that can validate our problem.... After all, we want to be ready in 30 days!

# From qualitative to quantitative at high speed 

One of the biggest issues in developing new products is to translate customer needs into compelling product properties. Problems and customer needs are qualitative: faster, better, more efficient. For product development, this is not sharp enough. Developers want to know: how much faster? So how do you translate qualitative needs into quantitative properties? We have a time tested foolproof method for that - reliable and   fast. Together, we can translate the qualitative problem into unambiguous quantitative criteria within a few days. And the developers can get to work!

# Design multiple solutions in days

With the criteria in hand, it is much easier to come up with solutions. No endless brainstorming sessions without any purpose, but creative workshops that create targeted solutions to meet the criteria. Thus, with our A.I.-driven creative process, we design multiple concept solutions in a few days and select the best fit!

# Validate the best concept solution in real life 

Don't waste months or even years on a product that may not meet your customers' needs. The 30-Day Concept Challenge puts the product concept to real customers to validate the value of the concept in the market. This market-oriented approach ensures that you have a proven winning product concept in just 30 days.
Take up the challenge today!