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Grow your business exponentially.

Do you sometimes feel frustrated by the lack of good new products to grow the business and the company? Do you want to grow but is new product development complex, time-consuming and risky?

It does not need to be! I have always been fascinated by new product development and have distilled a lifetime of developing new products into a fast, transparent and lean best practice so you can start growing your business quickly. 

"5 steps to fasttrack your new product development and grow your business exponentially"  =>

New products are essential to grow and ensure the future of a company 

Here's how to get started:

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This is a no-nonsense guide to new product development.

Fast, Transparent and Lean, with this FTL method you can hit the ground running.

Includes an assessment to check the health of your new product development!

Get to know me: Introductory Coaching

If you want some help getting started, or solving a bottleneck, but hesitant to commit to coaching? This is for you. In two online coaching sessions with some homework in between, I will help. You get to know the FTL method and me, all for a minimum investment. 

Private coaching

I do offer private coaching, either by a lasercoaching program or simply by hiring me for a defined period. As part of private coaching, I can also train your organization in new product development the FTL way.

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About Me.

I have been living new product development in large corporations for over 25 years. I have launched over a dozen new products and generated hundreds of millions turnover with them.

All throughout my life I have been obsessed with finding ways to do things better. So over the years I studied and tried various ways of doing new product development. I learned what works and what does not work in practice – sometimes the hard way. 

I am a positive and optimistic person, and believe that human ingenuity can solve every challenge. I am a good listener, and a great person to work with.

I am not your guy if you want to complain how hard things are.

I am very much your guy if you want to unlock your ingenuity potential, tap into my experience to avoid mistakes and create your next new product fast.

They Say

Decio Silva

Director of Chemistry Development

" His extensive experience running and delivering innovation projects was singular. He has a  way to facilitate meetings which is rare to find and truly unlocks the potential of the participants."

Xiaobao Lee

Principal Scientist

" He is incredibly knowledgeable and was very helpful during the training and following the course of the project initiation. He also made the training very interesting, engaging and interactive!"

Product development the Fast.Transparent.Lean way will  

Delight your customers and help improve their business