The ultimate system to increase the pace of new product development and boost company results.

Over 90% of new product ideas never make a profit. You deserve better, and fast.

What if you could quickly add a brand new product to your catalogue? An innovation that increases your turnover, delights your customers and serves your community?

The successful development and launch of new products is critical to the continuity of any company. The SPEED at which you can do this is your most important competitive advantageA company failing to bring valuable new products to the market will see its products become commodities. In the end the business itself will fail.

Booz & Co. Global Innovation 1000 report found a clear difference in both revenue and profit growth in favor of the more innovative companies:

+11% more revenue growth

+22% more profit growth

Being innovative pays!

✔ Learn and apply a STRUCTURE  of new product development

       and  get a tested product blueprint

✔ FOCUS on the customer, the company and society to drive value         for everybody

✔ INCREASE speed of development by making the structure of                 development FAST, TRANSPARENT and LEAN 

Products ALWAYS cycle from development to commodity 

Every product has a life cycle. It starts its life in development, where it gets invented and readied for launch. Next follows its introduction, followed by market acceptance and growth. Inevitably sales flatten and then decrease. More competitors entered the market, and improved products arrived. Over time your once new product has become old fashioned and a commodity.  

If a company and its products do not evolve, they will become obsolete, and die.

So, to have a future, new product development is a must

But new product development is not easy. As usual, the theory is sound but in practice failure abounds. Statistics show that the chance of failure is very high: less than 5% of all ideas bring it to successful market commercialization. That means only 1 in 20 ideas is a hit!


19 out of 20 product ideas fail!


It seemed such a good idea, but development is slower and much more expensive than planned. There is a new delay, and a request for more money. Pressure mounts, frustration rises, and tempers flare. Trying to create something new has gone from an exciting journey to one full of hardship and anxiety. You slog through, you keep at it, and at last you have done it! 

The company is ready to introduce and sell their latest new product. Manufacturing is ready to produce in large quantities. Sales people are excited they will have something new to sell. The finance people look forward to increased revenue and profits.

You launch and … crickets. 

The market reacts lukewarm at best.

Manufacturing lines stand idle.

Sales people have a hard time convincing customers to buy.

The money is not exactly pouring in.

Despite all the hard work, all the frustrations, and all the obstacles overcome....your new product has joined the 95% category of failures.

The BAD NEWS: even being in the 5% category is NOT enough

Now let’s assume you belong to the 5% that made it. Job well done, right? Well, yes and no. 

Your proven success shows you know how to develop and launch a new product. By innovating you have demonstrated that you have the ability to change and adapt.

A decade ago, that would have been enough. The world has changed though. Information is available everywhere. Customer demands change faster than ever. Competition knows how to innovate as well.

The pace of change has increased. Today, it is not only enough to be innovative. You need the ability to change and adapt FASTER. 

Today, the only source of competitive advantage is your SPEED of development. This is why the number one worry of senior managers of large companies is the speed of their product development. They know that if they cannot be fast enough they will be outpaced.

Developing new products is not a competitive advantage, it is a MUST. Today, the SPEED of development is the competitive advantage.

So, what are your options? How DO you develop a new product FASTER than competition? 

You can throw more money at it....

and see your product still fail because your idea does not resonate with customers?

You can use the latest and best technology ......

like using a tank to kill a mosquito – too much, too expensive and still easy to miss?

You can launch with what you have now ....

and accept customer complaints and expensive rework with a product already in the market?


Now imagine you can put in place a product development process that is fast, transparent and lean.  A development journey that starts with in depth discussions – internal and external - on what idea to pursue, so you pick the right one.

An idea that resonates with your customers. You develop solutions that actually solve the customer problem, using technology only as an enabler to the solution you need.

Where you avoid rework at the end by failing and learning early, not after you launch.

A development system that starts with the end in mind, pre-empting customer complaints.

That is fast because every step in the process is well thought out and optimized for speed.

That is transparent with clear expectations upfront so there is no second guessing or researching what to do next.

That is lean as it focusses on the necessary actions only: the practical steps needed to launch a new product.

But it gets even better.  

Because this is just a system. The impact of implementing such a system on people and on lasting results is enormous

Pressure is replaced by eagerness,  and frustration is replaced by positive criticism. Every day a lean team of dedicated people is highly motivated to work on the next new product. Where a new product is delivered on time and within budget. A system that results in a new product fast. A product that does receive a warm welcome in the market, and that truly adds value to many people. A development process that ultimately safeguards the future of the company with a vibrant, up to date portfolio of responsible products.

So if you and the company are done with frustrations over delays, costs and failures, and want to transform new product development into a winning model at formula one speed, you are in the right place.

The key to FAST new product development is FOCUS and STRUCTURE .  

FOCUS on the customer, the company and society.

A new product can drive value for three groups.

  • Value for the customer by helping them solve a problem at acceptable cost
  • Value for the company by generating more revenue and/or more profit
  • Value for society in general by driving sustainability.

The first two value drivers belong to the category ‘buy two, get one for free’. The more your customers benefit, the more you will sell. The company benefits because the customers benefit.

The third value driver - for society - is a growing necessity. In the past, the society value of companies was economic growth and the availability of jobs.  That is no longer enough. Governments, regulators, and the public expect more responsible behavior of companies. This is especially true for their attitude towards our living environment.

The very act of innovating gives you a golden opportunity for driving sustainability. 

You are already designing something new. All the more reason to incorporate increased sustainability into this design!

This is the reason 'Inside FTL'. gives special attention to design for sustainability. The system incorporates sustainability into new product development from the very beginning. This makes the most of the opportunity to also drive value for society with your new product. 

FOCUS gives you

value in three dimensions

Value for the company

by increasing sales and profit. A company will also get the reputation of being innovative. 

Value for the customer

because new products are a better solution to customers than before. Those products might even surprise and delight them. And happier customers often mean higher customer retention as well.

Value for society

by improving the sustainability profile. This way the new products contribute to a more responsible approach to our living conditions. 

That is a lot of value you can drive for simply by being excellent at fast development of new products! 

The key to FAST new product development is FOCUS and STRUCTURE .  

STRUCTURE for speed and transparency.

Innovation without structure has virtually no chance of succeeding. Structure is vital for success. 

A structure that is optimized for speed should be fast, transparent and lean. It is fast by avoiding rework. It is transparent so to minimize time not spent on product development and commercialization but on clarification. And it is lean by doing only what needs to be done.

No rework for fast development cycles

The best recipe to avoid rework is to fail fast and early, and to start with the end in mind. Fail fast, learn fast is a method to strengthen your idea with customer input very early on. This avoids surprises late in the process by unexpected customer demands. And avoiding surprises means avoiding rework. To start with the end in mind means to allow for any manufacturing and service requirements early on. These requirements might set limitations to your design that you need to consider. You do not want to develop a product only to find out that you can not make it in large quantities.

No time wasted outside development through transparent target setting

Confusion on targets, risks and progress are an important reason for delays. As soon as uncertainty hits, a lot of talking and waiting around happens. Transparency in metrics and risk management is key. For example, a development structure should agree measurable metrics upfront.

No redundant actions by applying a lean structure

Lean means thatyou do only what is necessary. A lean development strcuture will have cut waste tasks. For example, if you have ten ideas, you will select the best one first to avoid working on all 10.


for FAST new product development

With INSIDE FTL I am teaching my whole system to develop a new product from idea to launch, using my proprietary FAST.TRANSPARENT.LEAN method.

That means I am covering everything to get it right and avoid all the pitfalls. The key to INSIDE FTL is FOCUS and STRUCTURE. We cover in detail the three steps to a tested new product blueprint:

FOUNDATION – where you establish your reason why you want to develop a new product. You capture your first idea with a FOCUS on the customer and the company.

DEFINE – where you further FOCUS on the needs of the customer, and of the company. You translate those into requirements, including sustainability targets with FOCUS on society.

EXPLOREwhere you design solutions that meet requirements. You test the most promising solutions to learn fast and to optimize your new product blueprint.


The dedicated workshop for a company takes three full days: that is a tested new product blueprint in 72 hours.

The group program with several companies takes only half a quarter to complete. 

This is not a half baked course, where I teach something and then send you home to try for yourself. This is a DO IT YOURSELF course, where you actually LEARN BY DOING. So you walk out of this course with a tested product blueprint, and not a bunch of some nice powerpoint slides. 

This is the entire system I have used to develop successful products myself.

I’ll tell you what is in it exactly, but first this.

Who is Robert?

Robert Uhlhorn is an experienced and engaged innovator. He has been living new product development in large corporations for over 25 years.  Inspired by continuous improvement he studied and trialled various ways of doing new product development. This way he learned what works and what does not work, what to do and what to avoid doing. Valuable lessons that have found their way into the PROPRIETARY FAST TRANSPARENT LEAN SYSTEM.  

He has been teaching many classes on innovation and product development. He has facilitated brainstorm sessions and innovation strategy sessions for companies like Unilever. Here is what students have to say about him: 

They Say

Decio Silva

" His extensive experience running and delivering innovation projects was singular. He has a  way to facilitate meetings which is rare to find and truly unlocks the potential of the participants."

Xiaobao Lee

" He is incredibly knowledgeable and was very helpful during the training and following the course of the project initiation. He also made the training very interesting, engaging and interactive!"

What you will get in 'INSIDE FTL' - the group program.  

When you sign up for the group program, you get 12 live webinars. This 6 week group program is separated into six modules that take you from nothing to an optimised blueprint of a new product. Not only will you learn how to develop new products fast, I will guide you through the creation of your own new product at the same time.  

Module 1 - Scouting the lay of the land

Module 1 lays the foundation of your new product. You will define your why, decide your playing field and map your support and opposition. This module focuses on the company.

Module 2 - Cracking the customer insight code

Module 2 will sharpen your customer insight, and your own success criteria. This module focuses on the customer.

Module 3 - Analysing hot coffee

Module 3 will distil the criteria your new product has to meet and determine the critical ones. This module quantifies the qualitative.

Module 4 - Start with the end in mind

Module 4 will complete your definition with sustainability and quality criteria and competitive analysis. This module focuses on society with improved eco-friendliness.

Module 5 - Flexing your creativity muscle

Module 5 will generate solutions and select promising prototypes. It will prove everybody is an artist. This module will give you many solutions, selected by customer criteria.

Module 6 - Compounding by iteration

Module 6 will upgrade your prototype and prove it viable. This module results in a blueprint for your next new product. 



Yes, you are reading this correctly! Each week you will have 15 mins access to me to discuss any hurdles you are facing. This is unique but new product development is not standard either. To cater for all the different situations out there - including yours – we need to talk. Considering the often sensitive information around product development, private coaching is the only workable solution. So that is what you get!



This  incredible extra discusses the next two steps to take so you can launch your product.

These steps are DEVELOP and EXECUTE. In DEVELOP you develop (!) your blueprint into an actual product. In EXECUTE you validate your developed product and ready manufacturing, sales and service for launch. This way you can build a plan and grow the company turnover this year with a new product introduction.



There is no escaping it: engaging in new product development carries risks with it. You are trying to do something nobody has done before, and that means you will face unexpected events. Your strategy could be to hope that everything will work out fine. But hope is not a strategy! You will have to find a way to manage the uncertainties. To win you need risk management as a strategy!

The whole program can be completed in six weeks. Of course you can take longer if you want to. Course materials are included so you can always reference them. Also if you decide to develop a second product! 

How is INSIDE FTL different from product development courses?  

This product development workshop is specifically made for people that want to speed up their product devlopment without having to go through all their own learning. It is especialy suitable for small to medium sized companies that make physical products, and need to boost their revenue as soon as possible.  

It is a workshop not a course!

It is not passive, but very active. I will show you the principles of each step, and why you should take that step at that particular point in time. Then it is up to you to actually carry it out. I will take you on a journey, and you will discover how to develop a new product BY DOING IT

Sustainability gets special treatment!

There is special attention to decreasing the impact your products have on our living environment. Why?

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Developing a new product offers you the unique opportunity to better design for the environment. In essence you always design your new product with a better sustainability profile. Your customers will flock to your new product because you developed it with more value for them. At the same time, unknowingly but intentionally, they help improve the eco system, because your sustainability profile is better. You serve your customers better, you grow your business, you limit cost, and your new product benefits wider society.

I will personally coach you!

There are too many courses and workshops out there that teach you something, give you a few tools, and then suggest you do it yourself. As you can see above, you will have access to me EVERY WEEK in a private coaching session. That is unique, and my commitment to your learning. Because I do care for your result. 

You learn to cope with uncertainty!

Yes, you read this correct. Uncertainty is a big part of new product development, there are no certainty. Advice promising a fixed outcome is bad advice. "Improve the innovation culture and everything will be fine. Get more subsidies and the money will make you succeed. Listen to your customer and success is guaranteed."

Well, if there is one thing I learned during my 25 years of developing products, is that guarantees do not exist. When you develop something new, something nobody has done before, you will face uncertainty. You will doubt your outcomes. That is the very nature of product development. Good product developers know how to cope with this ambiguity, and that is what the workshop is all about.  So unlike others, I do promise you uncertainty.  I also promise you that you will learn the structure and tools to cope with this ambiguity, and emerge triumphant.


I want you to be comfortable that this workshop is for you, so let me be clear what this workshop in NOT.

This is not for service, IT, and business model innovation. Innovation comes in many shapes and forms. This system is aimed at the development of physical products. It is less suitable for service innovation, business model innovation and software development.

This is not for portfolio management. The workshop is aimed at doing one product development project well. You can use it to do more than one project of course. It does not have any detail how to build a portfolio of products though.

This is not for those that feel no urgency. We will cover a lot of ground in this workshop. If you do not feel the urgency, this is probably not for you. And there are indeed markets where the pace of innovation seems less important. That seem to not need any urgency. Until somebody changes the rules in the market with disruptive innovation. ...

The cost of slow and poor product development.  

Have you ever calculated the cost of delaying the launch of a new product? It is huge.

Imagine you launch a product that will do 100 k$ in turnover. If you launch three months too late, you miss 25% of a year. The bill can get as high as 25 k$ in this case. Even when you consider the slower sales at the introduction, the cost of a delayed launch is 5-10 k$. That is thousands of dollars with 3 months delay.  

Have you ever considered the cost of rework if your product is flawed when launched? Imagine you have to make adjustments to your manufacturing line. That will be easily thousands of dollars in investment as well.

The cost of slow and poor product development often is over 10 k$ for smaller products. It is much more for larger and capital intense products.

The minimum payback of participating in this workshop and learning good and fast product development is thousands of dollars - for one product only! And you could apply it on every product that comes after.

So I could price this workshop at 8000 $ and you would make an excellent investment decision. That is what many of the professional courses actually charge you for a six week group course.

I do not want to do that. My driver for doing this is to contribute to a better living environment by innovating. And I know this price would be a hurdle for many of the smaller companies, especially today. That would mean less new products and a smaller contribution to sustainability.

So I want to share my knowledge of fast new product development for a mere fraction of the cost. 

Join INSIDE FTL Group Program For Just

999€   699€   Today!

Choose Plan


  • 12 online webinars in 6 weeks
  • Mondays and Thursdays for 1,5 hour
  • 6 weekly private lasercoaching sessions
  • All workshop materials included
  • Free bonus: a development plan and risk management

30% off launch special !!


  • 3 full days dedicated workshop exclusively with your company and your project
  • Team participation up to 12 members
  • Online workshop for Europe only.
  • In person workshop:  contact me. Excludes location and travel cost
  • Flexible: other arrangements possible 


Whatever the outcome, I am convinced this curriculum will teach you how to develop products up to prototype level fast. This program comes with a satisfaction guarantee on your learning. If you attend every session and put in the work, but after 6 weeks are not satisfied with the quality of the process of product development, we refund you within 15 days.  100%


Sign up today and together we will start creating your next success product!

✔ Learn and apply a STRUCTURE  of new product development

       and  get a tested product blueprint

✔ FOCUS on the customer, the company and society to drive value         for everybody

✔ INCREASE speed of development by making the structure of                 development FAST, TRANSPARENT and LEAN 


You still have questions? I will try to answer the most common ones below.

Can you guarantee that I will end up with a viable prototype new product after only six weeks?

No, I cannot guarantee that. I can guarantee that if you do the work, it is highly likely that you will end up with a viable prototype. But in product development not every initial idea is a good idea. There is always the chance that your idea falls into that category. Remember Google glasses? Even if your prototype fails the ultimate customer test, remember that you have learned what does not work!

Will there be replays?

Yes, I will make replays available until a month after the workshop. The workshop materials are yours to keep forever.

I am new to product development, is this something for me?

Yes, definitely. INSIDE FTL was developed so you do not need to have a degree in innovation to actually do it.

I have various people doing new product development, should they all join?

No, I would have only one lead person join. Ideally this person has help from at least one other person, or even a team. New product development is multi-disciplined so you need people that know the market and customers, people that have technical understanding, and people that know the company business. Sometimes one person does all of this, but mostly it is teams that work on a new product. In this case I would appoint a teamlead and have this person join the program. Or consider the individual 3 day workshop for your company alone.

I have a great new technology so I do not need this?

No, I would have only one lead person join. Ideally this person has help from at least one other person, or even a team. New product development is multi-disciplined so you need people that know the market and customers, people that have technical understanding, and people that know the company business. Sometimes one person does all of this, but mostly it is teams that work on a new product. In this case I would appoint a teamlead and have this person join the program. Or consider the individual 3 day workshop for your company alone.

Is there a payment plan?

No, I would have only one lead person join. Ideally this person has help from at least one other person, or even a team. New product development is multi-disciplined so you need people that know the market and customers, people that have technical understanding, and people that know the company business. Sometimes one person does all of this, but mostly it is teams that work on a new product. In this case I would appoint a teamlead and have this person join the program. Or consider the individual 3 day workshop for your company alone.

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