Fast-tracking the winning concept to market

Now, everything is focused on quickly developing the concept and launching the new product. The best way to get and keep speed is through a combination of on-the-job training and coaching. Our structure and methods focus on taking action but only on the elements that matter. This ensures fast and smooth progress. With on-the-job coaching you will better understand how to develop new products quickly and efficiently, while at the same time actually creating a new winning product!

# Learn by doing

At NPD training and coaching, we not only teach you the techniques of the F.T.L. method to develop products, we put them into practice together. This unique approach enables you to learn by doing: learning effectively by developing, and marketing, a winning product. This leads to the desired results faster and more efficiently. The sooner we start, the sooner the product is on the market!

# Fast and efficient 

Don't waste time on trial and error. Do not burn daylight on methods that turn out not to work anyway. We know what works and what doesn't, and how to get it done faster by working smarter. For example, we never use trial and error experimental designs but smart techniques such as the so-called Design of Experiment technique. Every technique in our F.T.L. method is aimed at developing and launching the new product faster, smarter and more efficiently.

# Infinitely repeatable 

Experience is the best teacher: after the coaching process, the student has become the master. Now that you have experienced for yourself that our proven structure and F.T.L. method make new products faster and more efficient, you will never want anything else. From then on, you can efficiently develop new products yourself and achieve great results, long after we are gone. A first winning product and an infinitely repeatable process guarantee a great return on your investment!

# Develop for sustainability 

Sustainability is an important present-day topic. Developing a new product offers a unique opportunity to increase sustainability - even if the customer does not specifically request it. Our F.T.L. method therefore sets specific sustainability targets from the start of this phase, so that the final product is more sustainable. This creates a winning product that delights customers and improved social responsibility!