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Need faster product development? Let's talk

Fast.Transparent.Lean new product development.

This is the no-nonsense guide to new product development.

You will hit the ground running with this FTL method.

Includes an assessment to check the health of your new product development!

Introductory Coaching

This is if you want some help solving a bottleneck, but hesitant to commit to coaching?

In two online coaching sessions with some homework in between, I will help. 

You get to know me and the FTL method, for a minimum investment. 

Group Coaching 

In six weeks you will design a prototype of your new product, following the FTL method. 

Learning by doing: no better way to get results fast.

Online classes twice a week with private coaching sessions each week.

Private coaching

Private coaching is the logical next step up from the introductory and/or the group coaching.

It is for business owners and innovation managers who want an advisor for a longer term engagement.

It is not as low an investment as the others, but it is not so expensive that it is not a feasible option for you.

For example, six months of tailored access to me is cheaper than many business trainings. Instead of following a curriculum for a few days, you can pick my brain and experience for months.

My capacity to do private coaching is obviously limited so to find out more if this suits your situation, please use the button below to send me an email with a request for private coaching.